Based on over 10 years development working on IT industry, Easeware

Technology Limited (“Easeware” or the “Company”) is a professional software company, designing easy to use software for our customer around the world.

10 years ago, people are still using floppy to install DOS, and using jumper for setting the CPU clock, or sound card IRQ etc. Nowadays, computer becomes more and more simple that you just need to press one button on software.

The company’s mission is to provide the best solution for solving your urgent computer issues in a very easy way.

Easeware is committed to providing computer freshman with the easy-to-use but practical software, to settle your daily PC problems especially when you are in great needed.

Driver Easy is one of our product, which could help you update all your computer drivers fast & automatically. You still search on the internet and find out if somewhere has provide the drivers download? Obviously, its always the time-consuming & frustrating work.

We are making our great effort on the usability of Driver Easy, more over, by upgrading and improving our software persistently, we believe we can bring you more excellent features & enhancement!

Brand new revolutionary products, powered by Easeware!

About is an affiliate member of Easeware Technology Limited through an 3rd party affiliate network. This website is not owned by or related to Easeware Technology Limited. We are not associated with Easeware Technology Limited in any way. We are just running a site to help users who have trouble to getting hardware device drivers. we do not directly provide, own or publish software products. if you have any query about the Driver Easy products, please contact Easeware Technology Limited directly.